Born in Pensacola, FL I planned on returning to the beach to airbrush t-shirts after graduating art school in Atlanta, GA. Then, two things happened that changed everything. I discovered that airbrushing t-shirts was really difficult and I got a job at Turner Broadcasting. Schooled in visual communications, I was hired as a graphic designer. Traditional hand methods were being replaced by computers. My job was to run a newly acquired electronic paint system. I knew very little about technology but quickly realized that it was the way of the future. I worked for Ted Turner, the cowboy of broadcasting, and things were moving fast. Inspired, I learned the system. More technology soon followed. Then, more... and I learned it all. I eventually realized that technology was merely a tool. It was not creative. I was. And people came to me to help them with their ideas (and buffer them from technology). I developed my professionalism and built relationships. I established "clients". I worked at Turner Studios for 11 years. As the Director of Creative, I left a full service studio that I helped build. Additionally, I was part of the brand development and launch team for TNT, Cartoon Network and TCM networks. This included the domestic feeds as well as the European versions. I wanted to know more and work on projects beyond my established broadcast client roster.

I was hired by Crawford Digital to build, open and manage their new digital studio. High Definition TV had arrived and this studio was constructed to provide elite HD post-production services. As the General Manager, I expanded my client roster to include ad agencies and corporations while continuing to work with broadcasters.


I then joined RIOT Atlanta. A smaller studio known for excellent talent and creative services. I was charged with rebuilding/expanding the physical space as well as diversifying the studio's services. I also helped manage the creative talent. During my 13 year tenure we became a leading creative studio in the southeast. We expanded our market share to include national level campaigns and clients. As the Vice President of Creative Services, I was involved with studio operations as well as providing creative direction and /or acting as an executive producer for our larger studio productions.


‚ÄčIn 2012, I left the creative studio environment to experience corporate America. I assumed the role of VP Marketing and Creative Services for Applied Systems, a software / technology development company. I helped lead a department to rebrand and launch APPLIED, their products and improve the internal creative services offered by Marketing. After a successful launch I realized I missed the diversity and creative opportunities in working with multiple clients. Retaining APPLIED as a client, "get CHUCK!" was created.

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